The story of a photographer

My name is Kim and I love to help capture women's beauty, both inside and out. Born and raised Texas, I became a Howard County, Maryland transplant as a teenager. My love for photography started very young, I was seldom seen without a camera in my hands. From disposable cameras, to my first DSLR, to the camera I have today, I cherish the tools that allow me to freeze moments in time.

With over 15 years of portrait photography experience, I fell in love with capturing people's joy, beauty, and essence. I started photographing portraits early on; it has always been my favorite thing to capture. I found and fell in love with boudoir as a way of empowering other women as well as myself through creative expression with our minds and bodies.


Lighting & angles must be magic

“I loved every moment of the experience. Kim was warm and welcoming from the start. The resources she provided before the shoot were helpful and inspiring, so I felt really prepared for the shoot. On the day, we spent the time in every pose and setting to get it right and I never felt rushed. She was professional and courteous when making adjustments, and suggested poses that made me look FANTASTIC. Her lighting and angles must be magic.”

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